In the vibrant heart of New York City, Select Construction stands as a beacon of excellence, a testament to the dedication and passion of its founders, Jamie Borenius and Len Triano. United not only by blood but also by a shared love for construction, these cousins embarked on a remarkable journey that led them to establish their own enterprise. With Jamie’s boots on the ground, overseeing every intricate detail on construction sites, and Len’s strategic brilliance managing logistics and office operations, they form an unstoppable duo.

Their story is one of lifelong dedication to the craft. Growing up surrounded by the world of construction, Jamie and Len were destined to make their mark in the industry. With a combined experience exceeding 50 years, they decided to channel their expertise into Select Construction, where their commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction became the cornerstone of their business philosophy.

Select Construction specializes in commercial construction projects that grace the iconic New York City skyline. Every project undertaken by Jamie and Len reflects not only their technical prowess but also their unwavering dedication to exceeding client expectations. They believe in transforming architectural visions into tangible reality, infusing creativity and precision into every aspect of their work.

What sets Select Construction apart is not just the structures they build, but the relationships they cultivate. Their clients aren’t merely customers; they’re partners in a shared vision. Beyond their business endeavors, Jamie and Len are deeply committed to community engagement, empowering the next generation of builders and contributing to a sustainable future. Their legacy isn’t just in the buildings they construct; it’s in the impact they create, shaping the cityscape and inspiring generations to come.